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6 Best Grooming Tips for Men

By: Jessica smith

Perhaps you want to impress a date, create a good impression at the workplace, or just feel plain good about yourself. Haircuts and getting rid of facial fuzz have been done since time immemorial. So, what new thing can you do? Here are 6 of the best grooming tips for men for this second half of 2018. Be your own grooming expert!

Clean, Protect and Brighten your Face

These days, if a man has clear, tan-free skin, he has reason to be proud. Make it a habit to wash your face daily before you go to bed every night – ideally, use ice-cold water. After some time, move on to using an alcohol-free and light face wash. Once a week, scrub the week’s deposits off your face with a microbead-free scrub. Do get ahold of a few sheet masks to work on your skin problems. You can even try terpene infused protects that work naturally to heal and moisturize your skin. Also, invest in moisturizer and sunscreen.

Get the Right Toothbrush, Improve your Smile

Everyone takes note of a smile, so make sure it is your best! That doesn’t mean just practicing teeth aerobics in front of the mirror. It also means brushing right. Manual toothbrushes are definitely out because when electric toothbrushes can do a far better job, why settle for anything less? Per a  Sheffield University study, rotating brushes get rid of 11 percent more plaque compared to their manual counterparts. They also considerably decrease gum problems. If you still want to stick to the manual, make sure you replace it every three months. Also, don’t forget to floss daily.

Limit those Hot Showers

Hot showers, though very comforting, especially in the winter months, are not good for your skin. Hot water does away with all the natural and healthy oils responsible for the softness of your skin. Try to bathe only in cold water. If a hot shower is absolutely necessary, don’t let it go beyond 10 minutes. End the shower with lukewarm water to reduce the loss of water from the skin and also to seal the pores. Then apply body moisturizer to make up for any lost moisture and to nourish the skin.

Give Those Feet Some TLC

Your feet need pampering and genuine care. Give it to them. The reason – they are a possible breeding ground for a whole lot of bacteria and fungus. Some suggestions:

  • Do a timely trimming of your toenails (and if you tend to neglect your fingernails, trim them too). You can additionally do the toe hair if you like.
  • Scrub your feet clean of all that grime with the help of a pumice stone. Pay particular attention to those calluses.
  • Apply moisturizer and sunscreen.

Trim The Body Hair Too

Get a body trimmer to help you with this. Don’t neglect the nether region. Shortening the hair down there will help control odor and could create an impression on your significant other. Go with a razor or scissors depending on what you’re comfortable with. Make sure to visit a doctor in case of any irritation or rashes.

Smell Better and Longer

Choose subtle and not overpowering aftershave. Generally citrusy, lighter scents suit summer and spring seasons. Woody, herby or spicy scents are good for the winter months.

Coming to fragrances, take your time to pick out a scent you like (for example, Bergamot or Sandalwood). Learn more about it and try to find other fragrances made of the same ingredient. This is a good way to get started on your “smell great” enterprise. Instead of pulse points, try spraying the fragrance on your collar bones.

In closing, complement your grooming with some healthy eating. Try going regularly to the gym or make sure to exercise daily. Incorporate healthy eating habit through proper diet. The results will show on the inside and outside.

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