10 Ways To Stay Organized During Your Next Trip


It’s really hard to stay organized during a trip (especially when packing). Luckily, we’re here to offer you this sweet and easy guide in order to help you out! Check out our recommendations!


1. Pack What You Know You’ll Wear


I know as women we like to have options, well that’s not going to keep us organize. Only pack things that you know for certain that you’ll wear.




2. Plan Your Outfits


Plan your outfits head-to-toe this helps you avoid over packing, and it will help you have an organized plan on what to wear to what event you’re attending that day.

3. Save Space At Any Cost 


You can buy space savers, the cube-shaped bags are designed like Ziploc bags, you fill them and let the air out!






4. Put Your Items Into Categories 


This could be by day, color, outfit- pretty much anything that makes sense to you in order to stay organized! You can also put a luggage organizer in your bag in order to stay even more on top of your game!





5. Unpack Your Bag By Category 


This will help you keep all of your items together in your drawers, hang anything that needs to be hung up and use your bathroom for your toiletries.





6. Use You Suitcase 


Your suitcase is a great place to store any purchases that you might’ve gotten on your trip – it’s a great way to save space and not forget any thing.




7. Keep Your Medications Organized 


Keep your medication in a secure place that you know you’ll be able to find it. Also, use a medication organizer – either a 7-day, 2 weeks or 30-day organizer.




8. Keep Your Cords Tamed 


Wrangled cords are not fun, and they cause a lot of stress when traveling, so purchase something that will keep your cords at bay – it will save you a lot of time and hair pulling out!



9. Roll Your Clothes 


A great way to save space is to roll your clothes! It’s easy, and it keeps your clothes wrinkle free!




10. Keep An Organized Itinerary


There’s a cool app called Tripit, it’ll help you stay digitally organized and you can share your itinerary with people in your party!







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