We’re Totally Feeling Childhood Nostalgia With Vans’s New Spongebob Collection

Holy Krabby Patties, hold on to your Bikini Bottom because Vans has just dropped a Spongebob Collection and we’re completely digging it! Not only do the sneakers highlight Spongebob and his Bikini Bottom friends, it also has a hilarious joke about the shoe – the sole features a visual of a squashed Plankton (only true fans of the show would get it)!


The sneakers are available in select stores, but unfortunately not online! Check out the Vans x Spongebob collection! Also check out these pics below!


Vans-SpongeBob-Sneaker-Collection (5)Vans-SpongeBob-Sneaker-Collection (1)Vans-SpongeBob-Sneaker-Collection (2)Vans-SpongeBob-Sneaker-Collection (4)

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