Was My Jeffree Star Summer Mystery Box Makeup Expired?!

I’ve been seeing on the internet countless pictures of expired lipsticks that are in the new Jeffree Star Summer Mystery box, however that was not the case for my box. I personally don’t think Jeffree Star would start another ‘Lipstick Gate,’ like a certain Youtuber we all know. I also was told that there were less wearable colors in the box and many people were highly upset with the colors that came in the box. But my box was absolutely perfect! Every color was wearable, however I am extremely crazy and very extra. I was extremely nervous because every time I tried to put the box in my cart the site kept crashing.

I got the ‘Big Daddy,’ (premium box) as Jeffree Star described it, I got the Deluxe Box, which came with 10 items. My makeup was not expired at all. I got liquid lips, a metal straw, some lippies, a lip liner, a skin frost, a ‘Hi, how’re you?’ tee, a lip scrub and a pop socket. The box was $70 and $13 tax.

Let’s unbox my Summer Mystery Box shall we?!

This is an amazing Skin Frost that is duo chrome gold and green, this is amazing as both a cheek and eye pigment.

Velour Lip Liner: Doll Parts

This Lip Liner is extremely creamy and very comfortable to wear.

Liquid Lipstick: Celebrity Skin

This brown lip with a peachy undertone.

Liqiud Lipstick: Diva

This purplish-pinkish lipstick is very pretty and vibrant

Liquid Lip: Pointsettia

This ultra-sheen red with some glitter in it is prefect for events.

A Jeffree Star Pop socket

For all your cellphone needs.

Liquid Lipstick: ?

This is the coveted mystery lipstick literally called ‘?,’ super wearable and chic.


My ‘Hi, How Are Ya?’ shirt, I can literally hear it in his voice!

Velour Lip Scrub: Rainbow Sherbet

This is not only great to prep lips for liquid lips, but it’s also delicious and edible.

Pink Metal Straw

I got one pink metal straw in the box and it was great!

My box was actually perfect and it had all wearable colors! It also had a lot of things I would use and wear. The total of the box was $167.00 if I were to buy each item separately.

What are your thoughts?!

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