Vote For Your Life

Over the past four years we’ve seen the highest office in the United States go to a reality star whom is still learning as he goes on how to be president. I’ve seen my beautiful city of New York transform into a battleground between peaceful protestors and police officers that have been abusing their power. I’ve seen family, friends, W and the world be affected by COVID. New York was known as the city that never sleeps, however, it was laid to rest on March 13th – the city’s culture has completely gone downhill since then. Depression and anxiety have spiked because of Quarantining. All of this chaos was only in this year.

I would never tell any person how to vote – I myself am unaffiliated, but I will say vote as if your life depends on it, because in all actuality it does. Whoever takes office does have executive power, so please vote with a purpose.

So please vote if you haven’t!

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