Uggs and Crocs are Making A Come Back


Whether you think that they’re the ugliest shoes in the World, someone out there loves them! However, they are both interesting footwear too look at nonetheless, but do you think a come back is necessary? Will they even try to revamp the shoe to at least make it a bit more appealing…..or should we say appealing at all?! These are the questions that seem to run through everyone’s mind when reading about the redemption of both shoes. I will say they are, at the very least, comfy and who doesn’t enjoy a comfy shoe?!


Tony Liu’s menswear brand even featured the shoes in it’s Kang Kim–styled lookbook. He paired the shoes with other outrageous elements to make up an “interesting outfit.” The New York designer had this to say about how he determined his pairings, “My inspiration is actualized daily by the unassuming dads and babies of the world who will never know how stylish they truly are,”he is truly proud to be having the styles make a comeback, he had this to say “The best feeling is when you see someone who is not classically perceived as stylish accidentally wear that one item of clothing that happens to be really ground-breaking, without realizing how great that item is.”




Here’s a fun fact: Ugg’s got their start in the 1970’s as the best footwear selection for Aussie Surfers to wear! It was a basic in every Australian’s closet!


Oh and if you didn’t guess already, these shoes are being marketed toward men! Not many American ads displayed men wearing Uggs and as a result the shoe got pushed into the women’s arena. I remember my friends were shocked when they first saw a man wearing Uggs, but who’s to say these shoes can’t be gender equal!


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