Tyler The Creator’s Fashion Debut


Many of us know Tyler The Creator for his sharp lyrics and his versatility within the industry. The rapper/actor can now add clothing designer to his resume! Fans stood in a line that went for miles in order to support their favorite rapper. There were so many rumors buzzing outside the venue, most of them were geared toward animals, “Is Tyler going to walk out with an alligator or a cheetah?” fans thought to themselves, as they stood in the Los Angeles heat.



There were no actual animals in the show, but he definitely made up for it! The rapper had a  set, complete with a bed that he awoke from and the show commenced! He didn’t just have a fashion show like many of today’s top designers, he told a story. A story which captivated his audience! His relatives and friends also double as his models, which included: Odd Future collective members Taco Bennett and Jasper Dolphin. There was skateboarding, comedy sketches  and models even drove a mini motorized bike down the runway. The show wrapped with Tyler performing a new song that he wrote for the event! As Tyler thanked his fans for the support he said I’ve always felt under-appreciated; growing up an inner city black kid I wasn’t very masculine or into sports and I liked the color pink . . . Well I took that pink shit to that runway right here.”



At the close of the show Tyler made a HUGE announcement, he and fellow rapper Kanye West will be collaborating on a shoe line together called Golf Le Fleur. Each ticket holder will be getting a pair, he unveiled! Although he couldn’t give many details on when these shoes will come out he says “By the end of the year, when I get my shit together, because these are samples and we’re still trying to perfect the shoe,” he told an enthusiastic crowd “But by August, September, October, November, December . . . you’ll get a shoe, you’ll get a shoe, you’ll get a shoe! You all get a shoe!”


We are BEYOND excited for this collab!


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