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By: Joana Teixeira


We all love to look up to the celebrities’ glamorous lifestyles, fancy houses, high incomes, and hot spouses- while we might not be able to emulate everything that they do, there are a few celebrity lifestyle accessories that make it possible to have just a taste of their lifestyle….one of them is great hairstyles. Famous people are often the first to try a new look, and where Angelina Jolie or Ellen Page go, everyone else seems to follow.

Even if you’re not that into celebrity culture, having a look at the hairstyles of the rich and famous is a great place to start when thinking about your own hair. There are so many different looks, and people sporting them that social media and online images are good places to scout out those that might suit for you. To help you get started here are our top three picks for current celebrity hair trends!


Long waves: Nicole Scherzinger



Since her days as a Pussy Cat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger has always been in the forefront of hottest new looks. With her gorgeous, sleek, long, black hair she could probably pull off any kind of look she likes, but this season she’s going for laid-back waves. If you have long, well-conditioned hair this can be a great look and one that’s not too difficult to get at home. Use rollers or a curling tong to get the look. Learn how to use a curling wand and get your homemade Nicole Scherzinger look going.



Messy bun: Jennifer Lawrence



Jennifer Lawrence would probably look great without doing anything to her hair at all, and the famously chilled out star is keeping it simple these days with a messy pulled back bun. This is a good formal hairdo for those who don’t want anything too complicated. Simply wash and dry your hair, pull it up into a loose bun towards the middle of your scalp then ruffle it up, taking out a few wisps to hang down. And voila!



Choppy bob in the style of Emma Watson



Finally, if you’re looking for a fashion forward cut this season you could do yourself justice by following the example of former Harry Potter star and current UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson. In this look, she’s gone for a classic choppy bob with layering around the face. Describe the look to your hairdresser or simply show them this photo. It’s a flattering style for long-face shapes and is particularly good for anyone trying to grow out their hair.



There are many more great celebrity hair trends currently, so head online to get a certain look. Always make sure to look at your face shape and keep in mind that cuts that look great on some people just might not suit others. If in doubt, ask your hair stylist for some tips and go through celebrity photos together. With the right cut, who knows, maybe you’ll start living the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle too!



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