Top 5 Women’s Hair Trends For Summer 2016

Are you tired of the same old look? Are you ready for a change as the seasons transition? We have the latest hair trends for summer!

Color bleed hair


This look was very popular in the 90’s and over 20 years later it one of the most sought after hair styles in 2016.



With a name like Flamboyage, how could this hairstyle not be fun?! This hair style is a combination of ombre and balayage (natural, sun-kissed color). This hair color comes out bright, yet natural looking.

Nude Hair


We all know that generally people like warm tones in their hair for the summer, but with nude hair there’s a balance of warm and neutral. With this hairstyle, there’s an even amount of warm and neutral tones.




With snowlights pieces of blonde throughout the hair shimmer as if they were snow. This is a very popular look for the summer

Denim Blue


Feeling blue? There’s a new shade of blue (we’ve seen neon so many times) for the summer that is trending for hair, denim blue.

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