This Rose Gold Minne Mouse Cupcake Is A Must Have At Disney World


Disney is always coming up with amazing menu items that scream “take our money now!” So it’s no surprise that we are completely in awe of this Minne Mouse Rose Gold Cupcake.


A while ago Disney released a full collection of rose gold products, which included new Minne Mouse ears! The park is completely decked out in our fav color, and we can’t get enough of it! Just from the pictures alone, we can see that these cupcakes are decadent and rich in flavors! They are available at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot.


The new dessert is not on the menu, however it is still available to order! Ranging from $3 to $5, why wouldn’t you get this delicious treat?!


Got our rose gold cupcakes!! 💕✨💕 #rosegold #rosegoldcupcakes

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