This Mommy Model Breastfed Her 5-Month-Old Daughter Down The Runway!


In the past we’ve seen the fashion industry has completely revolutionized, from Ashley Graham being one of the first plus-sized models to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit  to Winnie Harlow breaking down barriers with her Vitiligo! The fashion industry is finally becoming inclusive! So, it comes to us as no surprised that a model breastfed her baby down the runway!


Backstage at a Sports Illustrated fashion show, new mom Mara Martin had her 5-month-old daughter Aria during the show, Aria became restless waiting for her mother to come down the runway and continued to cry backstage  because she was hungry! As Martin approached the runway, she was still feeding her baby! Instead of putting Aria down, she continued to feed her – ALL THE WAY DOWN THE RUNWAY! We totally dug it!


According to Harper’s Bazaar, when asked why she kept feeding her, she replied “So I decided to keep feeding her. Breastfeeding is a natural thing and has become such a normal part of my daily life the past five months that I didn’t really think of anything of it when I decided to walk out.”


Aria was a complete angel as her mom fed her down the runway, she even had a pair of little blue headphones on so her ears were protected during the show!


What are your thoughts on this?!



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