This Hotel In London Is Completely Dedicated To Gin


Are you a Gin lover?! Well prepare to be satisfied because this London based hotel has everything gin! The Distillery is London’s newest premier gin hotel, encasing four floors – one can taste different gins from all around the world without having to get on a plane! This hotel opened on December 16th, 2016, and ever since than, they’ve been getting bookings from all across Europe.


As you step on to each floor, you’ll experience unique layouts – each centered around drinking of course – there are even barrels that are suspended from the ceilings (that they do serve alcohol from)!  By floor: the first floor is the Resting Room, where guests can sample different gins from around the world; the second floor has the GinTonic bar and restaurant, where you can get a gin and tonic served in a fishbowl type glass.; the last floor has a private dinning room called the Boardroom -in addition there are three boutique rooms, where guests can sleep off their liquor.


What are your thoughts on this?!


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