The French Parliament Approved A New Law To Fight Terrorism

On November 13th, 2015 more than 100 people were killed in Paris, this was an act of terrorism that ISIS took responsibility for. The World was stunned, as they watched the live news coverage; over 70 million people on Instagram shared their prayers for France, even on Facebook millions of people changed their profile picture to reflect a transparent French Flag.


On Wednesday, May 25th, the French parliament enacted a law that gives the French police and judicial authorities the power to put people under house arrest, detain terror suspects and use deadly force in the event of another terrorist attack.


François Hollande, the president of France, has been implementing a series of laws in order to prevent another terrorist attack from happening.


As our hearts continue to go out to Paris, we are unfortunately left worrying what the next target will be. The World has completely changed from when I was growing up and my mother would walk me to my flight gate and watch as I boarded the plane.

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