Summer 2016 Trend: Skirts Over Pants

To the untrained eye this look might resemble a middle school fashion experiment gone wrong, but paired with the right fashion expert this look can be something great! The pants,skirt duo can be trickier than other trends that are just on the cusp of making their debut for the summer, but Chanel has perfected it on the catwalk. At the re-stage of her Métiers d’Art Paris in Rome show, Chanel chose rising model Du Juan to model this risky look; Juan graced the runway, and completely made the look her own!


Chanel, as a person, was always known for taking risks with her style and it consistently paid off! Carrying on Chanel’s legacy, her label is constantly on the cutting-edge of fashion. Chanel has definately brought this once frowned upon look, to the next level. We absolutely love it!

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