Say It Ain’t So, Kylie’s Pop-up Shops Are Not Sanitary!


Oh hell no! We’ve been waiting for literally what seems like forever for her pop-up shop! The cosmetic line has a strict policy on no returns and no exchanges! How are we supposed to shop our shade online without actually knowing whether or not it perfectly matches us? Crazy right?! But a vlogger recently put online that she thought Kylie cosmetic’s pop-up shops were not sanitary.


The products in the Atlanta store were damaged and dirty, Halsey, a popular Youtuber had this to say “There was no one wiping off the testers, there was no little swabs out so the testers were so dirty.




She was extremely vocal about the testers saying that “At Sephora they have the little testers, like if you want to use a lipstick you use a new swab, or you know there’s like Kleenexes – just sanitary things that you would need in testing makeup. There was none of that there.”


What are your thoughts on this?!




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