Sarah Jessica Parker Pays Homage To Carrie Fisher On The Red Carpet


Last night we saw celebrates dazzle on the red carpet for the 74th annual Golden Globes! Among the stars that caught our attention were: Ryan Gosling, Naomie Harris, and Sofia Vergara, however in the end it was Sarah Jessica Parker who stole the show! Her hairstyle was the highlight of the red carpet – originally honoring her mother’s wedding hair, we couldn’t help but notice that the style also paid homage to the late Carrie Fisher.  During the red carpet, host Natalie Morales exclaimed to SJP “It almost looks Princess Leia inspired!”


However, it was completely accidental! Parker responded “I didn’t mean for that, perhaps it was in my subconscious. Actually there’s a photograph of my mother getting married, and her hair is like this, so I mentioned it in conversation with Serge Normant, who does my hair. And though we didn’t think we were going to do this, this ended up being what we did! So perhaps it’s a tiny little nod at a very grand person.”


With the recent death of both Fisher and her mother, Parker could not have debuted this hair style at a better time! What are your thoughts?!


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