San Francisco’s Newest Art Addition


Lawrence Argent is about to leave an elegant mark on San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood! The British-born artist is bringing his modern day rendition of the Venus de Milo to the area. The sculpture will stand at 92-feet tall, making it the tallest statue in the City by the Bay; she will be almost as tall as the statue of liberty (without her petal stool). It was built in China and shipped to San Francisco in 70 pieces! Once assembled, the structure will weigh 50 tons. The base of the statue will resemble a tornado that unveils the gorgeous masterpiece we all know as the Venus de Milo.


Angelo Sangiacomo, a long time art lover and developer in the city, commissioned the piece as the central feature of SoMa ; Sangiacomo sadly passed away last winter. The sculpture has a budget of $5 million thanks to the “1 percent for art” initiative, which requires downtown developers to allot one percent of their project’s budget to public art.


The sculpture will be the center piece to the plaza, although we do not know much about the structure we will keep our eyes peeled for new developments!

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