Rihanna Creates A New Sunglasses Line



Love her or hate her, but you’re still thing about her! Rihanna has been changing the fashion scene this year, from her sock line Stance to her collaboration with Puma. The beautiful pop-star is now starting a new business venture. RiRi has teamed up with Dior to create a line of futuristic sunglasses, called “Rihanna!” This line is going to completely revolutionize the summer season, but you have to have some serious cash in order to get a pair of these. At $840 a pop the eyewear will hit Dior stores in early June. The 24-karat variation of the glasses will be available for a mere $1950.


Rihanna’s eyewear was inspired by Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which explains the strong resemblance to his VISOR.


The glasses are definitely unique and with RiRi designing them, I know they will come out fabulous! I just wish I could get a pair!

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