Prince’s Home, Paisley Park, Will Become A Museum

Prince was found dead in his Paisley Park home in Chanhassen, Minneapolis; the World is still in complete and utter shock. Fans from around the World gathered to pay homage to the musical genius’ decade long career- the guitar solos, the dance moves, and the raw talent, which summed up Prince as a performer.


It has now been revealed, by the closest to the famous icon, that Paisley Park estate will be turned into a museum. The new tribute to Prince will celebrate his life, music, art and his boundary breaking fashions.




Shelia E., Prince’s longtime drummer and close friend told ET Online that Prince had always wanted to turn his home into a museum. Now his dream will become a reality! “He’s been gathering memorabilia and stuff from all the tours, like my drums and his motorcycle,” she said. Although the plans of when this museum will be opened to the public has not been discussed yet, Sheila did go into detail about what will be showcased in the museum, saying  “There’s a hallway of his awards and things, which he really didn’t care about too much, but he displayed it for the fans,” she said. “There’s a mural on the wall with his hands out and on one side is all the people he was influenced by and the other side is all of us who have played with him…It’s beautiful.”


While Prince left behind an unbelievable 39 studio albums, it has not been determined if they will be released for public consumption. However they will be memorialized in his museum.








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