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How have you been enjoying yourself in NYC?


Definitely! New York has been so exciting. It’s really crazy because I used to only visit New York once every few years for a day trip, if I was even lucky enough to do that, and I’ve been able to be here four times over the last month for extended trips. I love doing business here. It’s definitely exciting, crazy and busy up here, I knew that before, but experiencing it firsthand is so different. It’s just great and I love it! I feel like New York is my second home.

What all have you been doing here, and how is it different than life in Central, Pennsylvania?


Since being able to do these shoots in New York, I think it’s been different because people actually see how serious I am about photography. At home, I feel like people are less likely to keep up with you if you’re doing work in the town you grew up in. Since I am actively working in New York, people are really tuning in. I’m still doing shoots and photo services back in PA, but I think people are starting to see that I’m achieving my dreams. I’m also getting a lot more clientele, which I can attribute that to doing shoots in New York. I think my popularity from my business is also growing from doing these shoots. It’s different and good to be back home for breaks, but I‘m definitely loving up the city! I’ve gotten to work with so many amazing models, designers, and businesses since being here. My biggest accomplishment to date now has to be getting my first editorial spread in Creativ Magazine! It’s my first publication. I keep telling myself I’m a published photographer and it’s such an awesome feeling. I’m very excited to announce that I am now working for the magazine as well.

What are your long term goals for New York?


I definitely would love to live here eventually, that’s always been a dream of mine. I think at the moment I’m having such a good time with doing all this work with Jolaina and our team. I want to continue to work with everyone, as well as get signed to a photography agency hopefully. I’m just trying to make a name for myself and eventually call the city my home.

What services do you offer and how can people connect with you?


My services include: portraits, headshots, fashion, modeling, food photography, events, original art, website design, and social media management. At home I mainly do senior pictures, and engagement sessions, a good amount of modeling, but in New York I done a lot of Fashion photography, which is definitely the direction I want to go in. If people want to contact me they can go to or email me at

What are your favorite equipment essentials you can’t shoot without?


I love my lighting reflector; I like to shoot in natural light so it is a must have, they’re pretty cheap too so if there are any aspiring photographers reading this, head to Amazon and get your hands on one! I love to shoot with a strobe, or an external flash on my camera, because I like to have extra lighting at times.

What are some things people may not realize about being a photographer that’s extremely important?


I think that a lot of times it’s hard for people to see how much work actually goes into the entire process. I believe that there are three parts to every photoshoot. The before, during, and after. Every single person involved is extremely important to the process, but the photographer is the only person who is involved in all three in most cases. It includes: Researching, preparing, and grasping the vision prior to the shoot and getting your equipment ready, shooting the actual collection, and then the vigorous editing and submitting process. That being said my next steps are to update my equipment, so it’s easier to do the whole process! I think that there is so much more behind the scene verses taking the actual picture, there’s just a lot that goes into it.  



As the owner of BP Photography & Art (BPPA), describe what it’s like to have your own business, is it hard to manage at times? Who all is involved?


It’s exciting to have my own business, I never thought that growing up I would have my own business, so it’s completely surreal to me. When I started to do photography more often, I thought to myself that it was necessary to build my brand. It was just me for a while, but I am so thankful because now I have four people on my team. It’s me as the owner, designer, social media manager, and photographer; I have TyJah Bair, who is my model scout, pose coach and assists for my shoots; I have a makeup artist and theme producer Shalee Ellis and she’s absolutely fantastic; lastly I have Shawn Bair from Barefoot Daughter Design & Artistry, who does makeup artistry, she’s also our stylist for a lot our shoots. I’m super thankful for all of them, we’re like the fantastic four.


Brady Pappas: IG // bradypappas & bradymodels

Shalee Ellis: IG // badassmotherfeminist

TyJah Bair: IG // gongoozler

Shawn Bair: IG // barefootdaughter419


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