Summer 2016 Trend: Skirts Over Pants

To the untrained eye this look might resemble a middle school fashion experiment gone wrong, but paired with the right fashion expert this look can be something great! The pants,skirt duo can be trickier than other trends that are just on the cusp of making their debut for the summer, but Chanel has perfected it …

Summer Trend 2016: White Trousers

These white trousers are commonly paired with dusty brown boots or oxfords. These pants add a pop of color to any outfit and they are one of the perfect ways to add more vibrancy to your wardrobe!

Summer 2016 Trends: Overalls

Overalls have been a reoccurring trend since the Fall of 2015. With how trendy and comfortable they are, it is no surprise that they are back for summer 2016! The 90’s are back and better than ever!

Summer 2016 Trends: Bomber Jackets

The 50’s are back, with a modern twist. The Bomber jacket is making its summer 2016 come back! Bomber jackets are extremely versatile and can add an element of style to any outfit. From plain jeans to dress pants the Bomber Jacket can be paired with anything.

Summer 2016 Trends: Next-Level Gladiator Sandals

This summer takes gladiator sandals to the next level! These sandals are more overly exaggerated (in terms of style) then the already over the top shoe. I am very happy that gladiator sandals are just coming back for another year of summer style!

Summer 2016 Trends : Unique Bags

When it comes to bags this summer, unique is the main word to describe them! If you ever desired to carry a bag shaped like a soda can now you can this summer! The wackier the better for the new trend of Summer!    

Summer 2016 Trends: Shimmering Summers

Gold is the color of the summer, whether it’s accessories, sandals or purses, expect this summer to be shimmering in nothing but gold! This gold trend truly screams summer, it is absolutely fabulous and we love it!

Kenzo x H&M Collaboration

  H&M past collaboration with Balmain was very successful, now they are at it again! This time they are teaming up with Kenzo; a Parisian   designer. Kenzo’s design ascetic is colorful and extremely unique. Kenzo is an international luxury house, founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon strive to shake up “jungle” world of fashion. …

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