New York Fashion Week: Supima Design Competition

Supima, the esteemed luxury cotton brand, put on their 11th annual design competition at New York Fashion Week on September 6th at Chelsea Piers ! The competition allows young designer to showcase their talent and the winner receives $10,000 to start their own line! These contestants are recent graduates from the top design schools in the country, they were given various tools to help them create their garments, but there’s one catch – they have to use Supima cotton to create their looks! Each designer was given a design mentor to help guide them through the creation process. The panel of judges are made up of influential people in the fashion industry.

June Ambrose was the host for the evening, with Fern Mallis (founder of Fashion Week) and InStyle’s deputy editor Ruthie Friedlander were the judges for the event.

“This competition was nearly impossible to judge,” Friedlander said. “Everyone had such a unique point of view, and I think honestly, it came down to such tiny things. Lili Shi had such a strong image: it was graphic, three-dimensional, it referenced brands we love (Commes des Garcons) without it seeming like a replica. It felt modern and incredibly well made. It was like a work of art versus a dress and that was so impressive to see.”

Fashion Institute of Technology’s Lili Shi was announced the winner, with her bold prints and colors she was the victor of the 2018 competition! She also utilized amazing texture and volume in her collections


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