New York Fashion Week: Lan Yu

Lan Yu delivered an amazing runway show on September 6th at Industria Studios. Lan Yu’s style is typically modern designs with influences from her culture. She is also famously known for her intricate lacy details in her garments . The collection featured modern silhouettes with Asian influences. The show featured the models with slick braids with colorful extensions, which was an amazing contrast with the neutral color palette of many of the garments. The makeup for each model was tailored perfectly to their look, there were bold and also subtle touches – many of them had a beautiful highlight on their cheeks that accentuated them very well.

The collection also featured various textures, many of the full outfits were a mixture of the different textures. Although, the color palette was mainly neutral, their were pops of color throughout the show! Many of the clothing items featured embellishments on them.

I really enjoyed this show, I thought the combinations of different textures were unique. I also thought the colors were perfectly pigmented and that each outfit complimented each model. Wonderful show!




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