New York Fashion Week: Jarel Zhang



Inspired by the chaos of New York City, the runway for Jarel Zhang was set up as if it were a city construction zone – the vibrant  colors of the cones, the stops signs, the caution signs, and more. I found that the uniqueness of the runway set the whole stage for what was about to come. As the lights were dimmed and the upbeat music started to play, I quickly realized that Zhang’s line was full of vivid and bright hues! The street wear was nothing short of spectacular, the tailoring and individuality of each piece was the perfect combination for collection.


The fiery makeup, paired with the free flowing hair made a gorgeous statement on the runway! My favorite detail of the entire collection was the elongated and exaggerated arms, each fabric had a crispness to it – which was another great aspect. His choice of footwear was interesting also, but played on the New York street wear theme – the clear jelly sneakers with colorful socks.


I really loved this show and found it to be interesting, I think that Zhang not only showed a great collection, but he also had an entertaining runway appearance too.


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