New York Fashion Week: Chromat

Titled Saturation, Chromat was inspired by wet t-shirts for their Spring/Summer 2019 New York Fashion Week runway show. The premise of the line is to empower women who are too embarrassed to show their bodies at the swimming pool – women who like to hide behind an oversized shirt because they feel as though they can’t reveal their shape. Chromat has definitely been the brand to watch, last season they showcased models with disabilities and different sizing in order to show inclusivity and diversity in fashion!

As the lights dimmed and the music started playing, I was eager to see what Chromat would do this year! The show immediately turned into a pep-rally, as each model graced the runway, we saw models from different sizes to those with prosthetic limbs to non-binaries. The collection itself was a mix of vibrant and subtle colors. The models all wore very soft make-up with hints of yellow and pink eye shadows – their nail polish coordinated with their outfits perfectly. Many models wore either braids or natural textured hair. The runway even featured a modest model. Of course, as the title indicated, many of the garments were saturated with water for the runway show.

I thought this show was a masterpiece. I really enjoyed every second of it and I love the diversity of the show! Keep up the good work Chromat!

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