Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Concept Korea


Bold, daring, and edgy are three words I would use to describe the clothing that I saw grace the runway at the Concept Korea show. As the lights dimmed, a visual displayed on the wall that read “I’m perfect.” I wondered to myself what kind of show was I about to see, and how would the world ‘I’m prefect’ relate.


At first the music was calm, displaying models with funky color palettes. ruffled bodices, and unpredictable hem lines! They looked spectacular, from their bold tiger print makeup to the exquisiteness of their tailoring. The music then switched to more upbeat pop, where I saw crisp. clean lines and sashes displaying inspirational messages. The messages said “Perfectly imperfect,” as we all know we are not perfect and that is okay, so why not celebrate it?!


Another detail loved about the show is that it reminded me of the nostalgia of the 70’s – the retro color palettes, the bell bottoms – all contrasted with the crispness and amazing tailoring of each garment.


Overall, I thought the collection had a whimsical and playful feeling to it. I loved every second of this show! It reminded me of a freer, more lighthearted era!






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