Meghan Markle’s Favorite Tights Brand Just Lanched Colorful Bodysuits

We’re already huge fans of the Duchess of Sussex, so of course we’re going to LOVE these new bodysuits. Although, it is not required of royals to wear tights, Meghan goes back and forth between hosiery and no hosiery.

The British company, Heist, not only does hosiery, but also natural hue bodysuits, socks and shapewear (one of the names of the pieces).

Founded in 2015 by Toby Darbyshire, she is elated that the Duchess wears her company’s undergarments.

“The fact that we know Meghan Markle is one of the thousands of women who wear our nude tights, and support us as a brand is brilliant,” says Darbyshire. “If she goes for The Outer Body in a new color, we know she heard the hype!” 

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