Meet The New Up-And-Coming Designer On Netflix

The new hit Netflix show Twentysomethings: Austin debuted on December 10, 2021 and has quickly gained popularity. The recent addition on the giant streaming platform is number seven on the list of the top 10 in the U.S. today. The show’s premise is to showcase eight singles in their 20’s as they navigate through life in a new city under the new guidelines of COVID. Each housemate is special, however, one stood out in particular to me- Isha Punja.

The budding Twentysomethings: Austin star is an extremely talented fashion designer. Her capsule collection is a sell slow fashion, this means that the line is not massed produced, but instead, each piece is made with love and care by indigenous artisans in India. The fashion house sources authentic, artisan-made textiles from numerous methods, including, but not limited to : directly from the artisans or businesses that employ them. The majority of their fabrics are natural and sustainable!

According to her line’s website, Hut Mentality: “Our textiles showcase a craft of weaving, dyeing, embroidering, and/or print making that has been passed down through generations of artisans. There may be slight imperfections in our clothes that is the beauty of the human imprint. We have limited quantities of products though we will try to replenish what is in demand if it can be procured. If not, we will provide another equally interesting piece. So, if you like something, you best buy it, because chances are there isn’t plenty more where that came from.”

Each piece is vibrant in color and unique to the line. Other than being on Twentysomethings: Austin, Punja has showcased her designing talents on the runway for New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020. She continues to rise to new heights and is definitely someone to watch.

I love the embroidery work and dynamic hues in her collection. The patterns of her garments and accessories are absolutely mesmerizing. Get ready for Isha Punja world because she is destined for greatness!

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