Luxury Personal Shopper : Aga Roszak

Aga Roszak is a fashion multitasker with master’s degree in psychology, based in New York. She is a huge fan of the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. She started at CFDA as a fashion incubator, interning for young designers before New York Fashion Week.


What is the inspiration behind your looks? 


Fashion Icons from 60’s, NASA, New York and the music!



Do you think your personal style influences the looks you create?


Sure thing!


What is it like working with Harper’s Bazaar?


I love it, it’s a dream!



What’s your favorite look that you’ve created so far? 


Dotted sets inspired by Yayoi Kusama – a Japanese artist!


Who is your ideal person to dress?


Maye Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Amal Clooney and Emma Watson



What sets you apart from other stylists?


I’ve got European style and it stands out in New York. Looks more elegant and polished.



What is your greatest accomplishment?


Interviewing lately Maye Musk, being a part of London Fashion Weekend as a brand Owner at Saatchi Gallery, interning for Oscar de la Renta!


Tell me about a challenge you’ve experienced as a stylist. How did you overcome it?


Styling is fun! No dramas!



What do you see for your career in the future? 


Fashion-tech! Creating wearable of the future with NASA!


Tell me about your brand. How was showing in London?


It was amazing! I describe my brand as “sexy playfulness”. It’s pure fun! Life is too important to be taken seriously!


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