Love Leia Cosmetics CEO & Founder: Azure Dailey


Azure Dailey is the CEO/Founder of Love Leia Cosmetics. She recently launched her website in April 2016. She currently has six shades of liquid matte lipsticks and four shades of lip gloss. She’ll also be introducing two more shades of matte lipsticks and two shades of vinyl lip lacquer very soon. She’ll be coming out with 100 percent mink and human lashes.


So let’s chat!


Why the name Love Leia Cosmetics?


I have a little Yorkie named Leia, her name is the inspiration behind my brand. The name Love Leia came to me randomly one day, and I fell in love with it ever since!


Who is the ideal client that your brand is marketed towards?


I do not have a specific ideal client because I’ve sold my products to makeup professionals, and to people who wear little to no makeup. If you are also looking for long wear, quality makeup  –Love Leia Cosmetics is the perfect online stop shop for you!






What inspired you to create a cosmetic line?


My love for make-up and beauty inspired me. I’ve always been into make-up, hair, and fashion. I started out modeling for a couple of years, then I decided to focus on the business side of things and my brand. I knew this would be a great fit for me because I am passionate about what I do.


Do you feel you can express yourself through your work?


Expressing myself through my work is easy to me, but it was not always like that. I enjoy the whole process from picking packaging, to deciding what color to launch next. I am a firm believer in customer satisfaction, so my customers play a huge role in my decision making.


When did you know you wanted to create a cosmetic line?


I knew that I wanted to sell makeup a few years ago. I started using makeup more and realized this is something I love to do; makeup is fun for me. I love experimenting with different colors to create new looks.






What sets your line apart from the others?


All of my products are paraben free, hypo allergenic, allergy tested, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, and not tested on animals. I wanted to create a cosmetic line that was high quality and affordable.


What advice would you give to a person who wants to also create a cosmetics line?


I would recommend doing a lot of research, have patience, and wisely spend money on your business; continue learning about cosmetics, and your customers likes and dislikes. Make sure you have a plan before rushing into investing in the business. Lastly, figure out the direction you want to take in regards to funding and networking. In the beginning, I was hesitant about starting my cosmetic line because I was not sure if I knew how to sell and market correctly. However, starting this line has been a rewarding experience. I was taken back by the amount of people that support Love Leia Cosmetics.


What are some of your greatest accomplishments as a CEO?


To be honest, my greatest accomplishment as a CEO was being able to set goals and be successful. I am thankful for what I have accomplished thus far however, there is so much more I would love to do. Actually starting the business, and keeping it up is a big accomplishment for me. I refused to be someone who starts a business, but does not follow through!


Where do you see yourself and your career in the future?


I plan to continue to grow as a business woman so that in the future Love Leia Cosmetics stays successful. Also, opening a beauty bar is next on my business goals list. Overall, I want my customers to enjoy the world of cosmetics, and have a memorable experience when using my products.


Azure Dailey is just getting her start and already she has done so much in the make-up World. Her business will continue to flourish, as she builds her empire!



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