Love Leia Cosmetics CEO & Founder: Azure Dailey


Azure Dailey is the successful CEO and founder of the illustrious cosmetic brand Love Leia. She has made great strides with her business and has produced amazing products for the brand. She is no stranger to hard work, Ms. Dailey has built her empire from the ground up and she has no plans on stopping now! She is a smart, courageous and fierce businesswoman that will soon become a household name!

Azure has been diligently working on her products, since her last interview with us, they are now completely Paraben-free! Many women want to use beauty products from brands they can trust, and therefore, she created her line initially because she had a love for beauty and creativity. Her new products are inspired by what she thought was missing from the cosmetic industry, she had a yearning to find how she could combine the needs and wants of so many women into new products, and she did it!


She wanted to change the game completely by offering products with safer ingredients that were paraben free. She has strong values and believed we should be reading ingredient labels that are on our cosmetics like reading labels on food. More women are now caring about what is in the products they use, they are more conscience.

She has launched new products for her line, since we last spoke there are new lipstick colors, shimmer glosses, liquid liner, setting spray and more. Although, she has faced challenged with her line, she considers them life lessons and blessings. She considers being a CEO in the beauty industry is the greatest blessing of all!



Enjoying her journey, having fun, and loving what she does is the root of her success. Although, technically, her beauty brand is considered work, she has a passion for what she does and doesn’t consider it work -time flies when she’s in her element!

Her full line of cosmetics is fabulous; however, she does have favorites! Her lip products are among her favorite products! She started the brand with just lipsticks, she loved experimenting with different colors, and she loved the fact the women could wear a bold lip without having a full face – she even keeps one lip gloss and one lipstick color in her purse always!


This month, her line will focus on skincare. She just finished hosting a giveaway and she sent out some samples of her line’s first skincare product. She is excited for her fans to try her new skincare product with ingredients such as Aloe, Mango and Shea butter! She hosts giveaways for her subscribers on her VIP mailing list every couple of weeks. She will be hosting another one soon! Go to and subscribe to get details on how to win free stuff! She even ships her products internationally!

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