Kylie Jenner Is Dropping A Collection Inspired By Her Daughter


Our heads are still spinning from Kylie’s announcement that she was pregnant! The young reality star managed to keep her bun in the oven hush for nine whole months, but we forgive her for making us wait full-term to find out about it. Her daughter, Stormi, isn’t even a month old yet and she already has a Kylie Cosmetics collection! The line is adorned with clouds, lightening bolts and other indicators that the collection is Stormi theme. Jenner was very busy during her pregnancy, she worked on this the entire time.


“I worked on this pretty much my entire pregnancy,” she said in the video. “Right after we chose Stormi’s name, her name really inspired me. I spent a lot of time on this collection and put a lot of detail into it.”


With names like Nova, Nightfall and Cosmic we are excited for what is to come! Eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, and glitter eyes are just a few amazing things that are included in this line!



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