Kim Kardashian Wins $2.7 Million In Lawsuit

As if Kim Kardashian wasn’t rich enough, she is now being awarded $2.7 million from the popular fast fashion brand Missguided. The brand is famously known for their knock off celebrity fashion looks, but Kim Kardashian seems to be the most copied look by them.

The beauty mogul posted a picture in her closet of a gold look designed by her husband Kanye West for her Miami trip, however she pleaded that the the look not be ripped off until she wore it out in public

A few hours after the image was posted to Instagram, Missguided posted a similar image captioned: “The devil works hard but Missguided works harder.”

Kardashian sued the fast fashion brand, claiming that Missguided replicated the looks of celebrities and uses their images to gain customers.

Kim Tweet about different brands that use her style to promote their website:

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