Kanye West Cancels NY Fashion Week Show



Okay, I’m gonna let you finish, but this is the most SHOCKING news we’ve gotten from Kanye yet! From having models pass out on the runway to making press wait outside for more than two hours for his show. Mr. West does NOT deserve the award for best New York Fashion Week runway shows.




The show that was originally scheduled for September 13th will not be happening! I repeat WILL NOT be happening, but it’s not what you think! A source that is close to the rapper says that: ‘There was never a show on the NYFW schedule. There was basically a hold in the event Kanye opted to show during NYFW. There will be a presentation or showroom for the Season 6 collection, just not during NYFW.’


But we also hear that the couple is trying to have their third child, so he could be busy with that.


I don’t think Kanye should show a Yeezy Season 6 or any other season of his hobo chic label, but who am I to judge?!


What are your thoughts?!



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