Kanye + Adidas Collab Expansion

Kanye West is  known for being a Fashionisto in any type of style he rocks, whether he’s rocking a Jungle look at the MTV Movie awards or Blue contacts to look futuristic at the MET Gala. He has always been known to push the envelope with his outrageous style.


Recently, it has been announced that Kanye + Adidas will be taking their partnership to the next level, their brand, now dubbed ‘Adidas + Kanye’ will include both Men’s and Women’s appeal, sports and performance pieces,  and accessories. Adidas and the rapper have been working together for two years now and so far they have had significant success.


Adidas will be hiring a creative team that will be under the instruction of Kanye, in order to develop the products for his line. There will be retail hubs that will sell the rapper’s goods as well. Although, there has not been any mention of a release date for any of these products. We will keep you up-to-date on the new developments of this story.



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