JWoww Launches A Lip Kit



Jersey Shore was one of my guilty pleasures! The show was so out there and crazy, that I couldn’t look away! The plot twists and turns, coupled with the outrageous characters made for amazing television! JWoww, known for her curves, has launched a lip kit! She, like many others,  have jumped on the lip kit train!



This is nothing new – her formal release was in August, however she sold out immediately! She is now relaunching the lip kit, and making it more affordable! The prices range from $13-$25.


You can buy the whole bundle for $25 or buy them individually! “New York Nightlife,” and “Marilyn,” are two shades that have already sold out! If you’re not feeling any of these hues, than don’t fret – JWoww is planning to expand her line!





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