Inside The Shocking Beauty Rules of The U.S. Women’s Gymnastics


The tight buns, ponytails, and hair away from the face are not done because of style for Olympic gymnasts, but because the wrong look can cost you major points! Who knew that the official gymnastics rule book has a ton of regulations on grooming, for example, hair has to be pulled away from the face because her view can be blocked, causing her to be blinded toward precarious landings. However, there are no rules to how many bobby pins and elastic bands she can have in her hair -it is a basic rule that a gymnast must be “well groomed in her appearance.” Along with that, the safety regulations state that more than a single pair of studded earring are a hazard -so, if you were expecting flashy jewelry in Rio, than you are not going to be seeing any!


Many of the rules are just a matter of taste, rather than safety precautions, for example, the display of a hip bone is considered too sexual. Even the showing (whether it’s accidental or not)  of undergarments can cost an amazing gymnast some points, many forgo these, however if a split or flip happens to result in a wedgie, than she cannot take it out (not publicly) -for the entire routine the gymnast must perform with this uncomfortable deterrent, until she is in private.




Manicures that are considered to be too distracting to the judges, will immediately cost major points. Gymnasts also must “exhibit self-control and calmness” meaning if she falls or has an injury she cannot become “unruly.” Although these women seem like the embodiment of grace, they are under a tremendous amount of pressure!


I think many of these beauty rules are just to keep them safe, however the rules regarding taste, are completely absurd! What do you think?!



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