How To Take Care Of Your New Buzz Cut For The Summer


So, you’ve chosen to trade in you luscious locks for something a bit more low maintenance. That’s right fellas, you have taken the drastic step of shaving your head for the summer and honestly we can’t blame you! First of all, hair is hot, and who wants to deal with that while trying to have fun in the sun?! However, just because you’re sporting a different hairdo does not mean you can abandon the laws of grooming. Check out these tips to keep yourself looking great for the summer.


Try A Scalp Shampoo

Although many think that shampoo is designed to clean hair, it actually strips hair of the natural oils – so if it does that much damage to hair, do you really want it touching your bare scalp?!  Definitely not! Start embracing scalp shampoos, they’re a lot better for your skin.



Because you need to focus on your scalp try to get something really hydrating. Conditioner is designed to restore the moisture to your scalp (or hair if you decide to grow back your mane). Plain oils will help  – avocado oil hydrates the scalp the most, and grapeseed oil can save your greasy/oily scalp.



Many people don’t believe me when I say this, but your scalp can get sunburn – and it’s not pretty! Don’t leave your dome vulnerable, purchase something like Bumble & Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil UV Protective Primer – this will not only protect you from UV rays, but it also makes your head look polished (in a good way of course)!



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