How To Keep Your Skin Looking Good For The Fall



Keep Applying Sunscreen 

Although the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler UV rays are still working to damage your skin – be sure to apply sunscreen year round for gorgeous skin.





Slather On The Moisturizer

Summer is when the skin is at the healthiest -this is due to the moisture in the air, however in the Fall the skin tends to get drier -this is because of the weather change. Because of the cooler days and nights, the moisture in the air is lessened.




Scrub Away The Old 

You know the old adage “Out With The Old In With The New.” Even though its fun to be out in the summer -enjoying the beautiful weather, but what a lot of men don’t know is that dead skin cells build up the more you’re outside. So use an exfoliating face scrub to eliminate the dead skin.




Hydrate Those Hands 

It’s not just the face that needs to be taken care of during the Fall -the hands can take a backseat at times, so keep your hands moisturized to reduce rough texture.





Treat Those Feet 

After having a fun-filled summer, either wearing flip flops or going barefoot on the beach, was great! However, now you are about to shove them back into a pair of shoes. This might not be ideal – but you need to take care of your feet. Reduce the sweat between your toes by dousing them in friction free powder.




Love Those Lips

Lips have the thinnest skin on your body – making them more susceptible to dryness due to the weather change. To avoid dry, cracked lips get the proper lip balm.





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