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Leonor Dosanjos is a hair and makeup artist. She works as a freelance artist and is also based in salons in both Connecticut and New York.


So let’s chat!


How did you get your start with styling hair?


I’ve been styling hair since I was 11. For a long time, it was something that I believed I could only pursue as a hobby. The industry didn’t fall into what I had learned to be a “traditional” career path.  A lot of people encouraged me to go to cosmetology school and in 2009, I finally took their advice; I enrolled in school and became a licensed cosmetologist.


What is the name of your brand?


The name of my brand is Leonor Sees Beauty – it was originally created to simply be a social media handle. However, after a few conversations with my friends, someone pointed out that it really captures who I am and what I am about. I love all things beautiful and I always aim to see the beauty in everything. I love working in a field that allows me to not only create/uncover beauty, but also allows me the opportunity to reveal beauty to others.


When did you discover that hair was your passion?


At a very young age – I am the third born out of a family of four, and the only girl; it was challenging for my mother to do my hair. I remember that she would always put two huge braids in my hair for school and as soon as I got there, I would immediately take them out and create my own style. Of course, at the end of the day I would put the braids back so that I wouldn’t get in trouble. Funny enough, when my mother found out what I was doing, she simply told me to start doing my own hair and that’s when it clicked for me that I loved doing hair.


What do you most enjoy about designing hair?


I like the creativity that goes into designing hair. I absolutely love when I can take full creative control. My favorite thing to hear from a client when they sit in my chair is “Do whatever you want.”   The wheels immediately start turning in my head and image after image start to come to mind. I love people’s reactions to my work, and I love to see my work! It’s really something, seeing my clients walk away with that extra level of swagger in their step and being able say “Wow, I did that!”


What are your favorite styles to design?


I like updos and anything that’s intricate.


What inspires your creativity?


Beauty and finding it in absolutely anything. I love art – all types, even the pieces that some people don’t consider to be art. I have a craft section in my house and at any given moment something may inspire me to create. A friend may call me to go out and take pictures of abandoned buildings; I’ll have a glass of wine and immediately start thinking about what I can create with the bottle, or I’ll walk into my home and notice that I have a bare wall that could use a little love – one glue gun and 24 toilet paper rolls later and I have beautiful wall of “flowers.”


What areas would you like to strength your talents in?


Timing. I tend to spend a lot of time on every little detail with hair and makeup because I want everything to be perfect – it’s matter of getting to my desired result in a quicker time frame


Social Media:

Facebook: Leonor Dosanjos

Instagram: Leonor_Sees_Beauty


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