Photographer: Brady Pappas


Brady Pappas, a 19-year-old Pennsylvanian, is best known for his incredible photography. He specializes in portrait, fashion, modeling, and themed photography. Despite the fact that he only visits New York for shoots, he aspires to one day call the city his home.


So let’s chat!


A: Introduce yourself.


B: My name is Brady Pappas, I’m 19-years-old, which is kind of crazy! I got started doing photography in high school, I was always into arts; I did theatre, choir, drawing, art history, painting, digital design, as well as photography. I really started getting into photography when I got into my dream art school, unfortunately it was way too expensive. Fortunately, photography has picked up, it’s so insane! Photography is something I want to run with, I understand that school is important and possibly needs to happen, but right now at 19 I’m just so thankful for these opportunities! I’m very fortunate to be doing something I love at such a young age! My passion in photography is in portraits, fashion, modeling, themed work, and social media management and web design. I also enjoy vlogging!


A: Do you have any type of training?


B: Back home I’ve been a judge at a few local photography competitions for students. One of the goals I hope to achieve with photography is to give art to schools, I’m a huge supporter for the arts. The fact that schools are shutting down arts programs is so crazy to me because I firmly believe that the arts can give you as much knowledge and experience as math, science or reading. If school systems keep taking away the arts in favor of reading and writing, students will not have anything to write or read about. Through everything I’ve been able to judge competitions as well as place in several photography competitions, take several classes, and I’ve been to Lehigh Valley Fashion Week. I’ve put many hours into developing my craft and  I’ve been working on my brand for a while now, I believe this is my full introduction into the industry.


A: How did you get your start in photography?


B: I use social media to my advantage, I saw people posting pictures and I wanted to bring my ideas I had to life. I love to capture moments and edit them, then send them out. I did a lot of researching and spent hours on YouTube to learn how to understand my camera better than myself. A lot of my practice has been self-taught along with trial or error! I do owe a lot to my former teachers at York Suburban High School in York, Pa for always inspiring me and pushing me to do my best. I’d be nowhere without them.


A: What inspires you to do photography?


B: Everything! I get asked what my inspiration is all the time and I feel bad because I can never give a definite answer. My inspiration comes from everything I experience in the 24 hours of a day. Conversations I have with people can inspire me, the dress that you’re wearing might inspire me, even things that I’ve experienced.


A: How has living in Central Pennsylvania affected your work? Inspired your work?


B: I’m very fortunate to live in Central Pennsylvania because there are so many inspirations; however, it is not my preferred location, I say this because it’s very hard to get your work out and seen. People only want to see you succeed unless they are succeeding as well, so that is a challenge. Over the past year working with TyJah you experience so many people not willing to support you in PA. I take that and use it to push myself even further. A benefit to living in Central PA is that where I live it’s easy to get to a rural background right up the road and if you drive 15 minutes then you’re in the city! I’m able to incorporate many different styles into my photography because of this.



A: What’s your greatest accomplishment?


B: This Shoot-A-Thon is one of my greatest accomplishments. Before, I did a lot of theatre and I got to perform at the 2014 IMEA Awards in Kentucky, which was very cool! It was my first time performing at such an event and my first red carpet. I’ve exhibited at local galleries in my hometown which has been nice. I also had the pleasure of having an active role in the theatre and music department at my school. I’d been wanting to do a Shoot-A-Thon for a while now, so when I was presented with this opportunity, it was amazing! I’m currently doing a shoot with 40 plus models for a Summer collection in PA, which is so exciting! We’ve had some of our shoots go viral and get some social media buzz. I can’t choose just one!


A: Describe your ideal model?


B: I’m not with the stereotypical model that the industry tries to fit into one category, my ideal client is confident within themselves and is someone willing to embrace my photography, as well as having the desire to collaborate with me. I love to break down boundaries in the industry with my photography and I like clients that want to do the same.


A: What is your style of photography?


B: I always ask people if I have a trademark as a photographer? Is there something that lets people know that it’s my work? Two models that I have formerly worked with have said that it’s a “Variety with Clarity!” I love to expand my style and remain versatile, but I remain the same in terms of clarity. The most important thing to me is a crystal clear image, I’m attracted to clear images and if I upload it to edit and it’s not clear pre editing, then I won’t use it.  I’m modern, I love street, but I’m open to trying anything as long as the image is clear I can try anything!


A: What sets you apart in the realm of photography?


B: The main thing is probably that I’m 19-years-old! I don’t want people to think that just because I’m a young adult that I’m not putting in the work!


A: Have you ever been discriminated against because of your age?


B: People automatically assume because I’m young that I don’t put in the time and effort, some have even refused to work with me because of my age! It can be a struggle finding people to work with at times, but it makes it so rewarding when people do want to work with me and trust my vision. I’m super thankful for Jolaina Peltier for this opportunity, I know my life will completely change from this Shoot-A-Thon.


A: What do you see for yourself in the future?


B: I see myself working in New York, traveling, and working with magazines! It’s completely surreal because here I am only a year out of high school and my 5-year goal is happening with this Shoot-A-Thon! I just want to be able to secure my spot in New York as an accomplished photographer.


A: Are you able to express yourself through your work?


B: Because I did a lot of theatre in high school, people assumed that I wouldn’t enjoy being behind the scenes as a photographer, but I love it because it’s just me in my pictures. I always like to incorporate a piece of myself into each of my photos.
Brady Pappas is a rising star and definitely one to watch! His work exudes brilliance and he embodies professionalism in all of his shoots.




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