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When I was invited to the Fashion Institute Of Technology’s showroom by private appointment, I was beyond excited! What an honor it was to even be considered an accredited press source to report on their Fall/Spring collections. As I walked into their showroom a wave of nervousness came over me


Here are my experiences and my opinions of each collection!




Some of the most beautiful clothing I had ever seen came from Chikimiki! The fabrics were absolutely beautiful and flowed gorgeously. The silhouette of each piece were ever so elegant! The color palette, paired well with the variations of different textures of fabrics! Every detail of this collection was suburb!



Noah Waxman


When I think of Noah Waxman I think of the rich, deep colors of autumn foliage! As I entered their individual room in the FIT showroom it was reminiscent of rich bound mahogany leather books. The collection reminded me of a vintage and classic styles. I thought that the shoe line was very debonair, charming, and overall unique! 


41 Perry Street
New York, NY 10014
+1 646 330 5433




I remember asking the inspiration for this collection, and was told that the inspiration was Donald Trump. At first I was seriously confused, but as I started to look at each piece on the rack- I started to understand. Their shirts and even hoodies were printed with pictures of protesters in New York after Trump had won the election. What a HUGE statement this collection was making! Aside from the imaging on the garments, the clothing itself looked extremely comfortable!




Kandice Pelletier


Kandice Pelletier was one of first rooms I went into and she, herself, was one of the sweetest people I had met. She informed me that her designs were used in mainly pageants! I thought her swimsuits were very well tailored, had an amazing texture to them and their colors were magnificent! The cover-ups that were for the bathing suits were gorgeous, with brilliant hues! Each piece was intricately made, and each was just as beautiful as the next.



520 8th Ave Suite 1202 K New York NY 10018


Kristi Vosbeck


Gorgeous is an understatement when describing Kristi Vosbeck, each dress is sexy, yet classy – and exuded sophistication.The garments take inspiration from Kriti’s travels to the Maldives -with the intricate beading, elegant draping, and brilliant pigments, the beauty of this collection speaks for itself!



Layana Aguilar


Inspired by reading bedtime stories to her son, Layana Aguilar found the freedom and the ambiguity of insects to translate into her line, she felt as though the uncertain liberation of these bugs were the perfect additions to her collection. The gorgeous leathers, the beautiful bronze shimmer, and the brilliant colors were the perfect aspects of this collection!




Slight Jewelry 


Slight jewelry was one of the most unique jewelry lines I had ever seen. The unisex collection pushes boundaries on androgynous style, and I for one loved it! The craftsmanship of each piece was special! The details of each piece were breathtaking, and made to fit each individual style.





Marie Odile for Soltek


Colorful, Colorful, Colorful! That’s all I could think of when I saw these amazing bags! The asymmetrical design and shape of the bags make them unique and appeasing to the eye. The different textures also provide versitility in the collection. Whether it’s a night on the town or going to work, these purses can provide what you need to take on what ever event!
Tel : 917.226.5140
Fax : 212.898.0496

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