Fashion Designer: Delores Serecin

Delores Serecin is a designer from Queens, New York. At an early age, her passion for fashion was impeccable, she would create and selling paper dolls to many of her friends. Later, she attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, while their she learned about the finer details of the fashion industry and starting a fashion line. She is an up-and-coming designer, who has dressed celebrities like Monica Brown.

So lets chat!

Have you collaborated with other designers?

 I have not collaborated with any designers yet but I would love to in the future especially with other up and coming designers. I think its important to highlight not only the brands that have paved the way but new talent that have a different perspective on fashion.

How did you come up with the concept of your line?

The concept for my line came together from a fusion of all of my travels.  I’ve been inspired by Japanese kimono designs and wanted to incorporate those features into a classic dress and the Monica dress gave me the perfect opportunity to put it all together.

What is your inspiration behind your designs?

I gain my inspiration from my travels and adventures around the world. On a recent a trip to Japan to visit my sister, I fell in love with the culture and followed the geishas around hoping to get a glimpse into their world. It’s very interesting to see how having the slightest thing showing like the ankle or the neck can spark the imagination, even though they are so covered up from head to toe.

What sets your clothing line apart from others?

The line I am currently working on will be a mixture of cultures, from my roots in Jamaica to my travels to Indonesia, Africa, Europe and Asia. I have a passion for unique textiles and colors.  I dread black and think color is what makes this world such a beautiful place! I fell in love with the colors I saw on recent trips to Bali, Indonesia, and the Philippines and have reflected that in my line as well. The line contains a very eclectic mix of flirty feminine but bold drama!

What sets your clothing line apart from others?

My ideal model would be Mariah Carey.  I know she isn’t a traditional model but she has been an idol of mine forever and she is a fashion icon who has worn pieces from the best designers and always looks fabulous.  I know having Mariah wear one of my pieces would not only be a dream come true but would represent my brand perfectly!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment so far has been opening my studio and showroom in New Jersey. It is such a tremendous leap to open something of your own and know that you have the key to make it a success or a failure. And failing isn’t an option for me so I’m excited about what the future holds with my brand.


Does your personal style translate into your designs?

You can definitely see my personal style reflected through my designs. they are very exotic and influenced by different cultures, a sophisticated sex appeal and they always make a powerful statement. I like to walk into a room and have people wonder what I’m wearing or how they can get it. My ideal client is someone that doesn’t mind being the center of attention and loves their own uniqueness.

What do you see for you and your company in the future?

I’d love to own an atelier in NYC and be known for creating one of a kind pieces for everyone that appreciates fashion as art.

Tell me about a challenge you’ve experienced as a designer. How did you overcome it?

Being a freelance designer can be challenging when you have tight deadlines and limited staff to help you complete multiple projects. I’ve overcome this through hard work and hiring staff and interns for various tasks to keep me focused on my designs.


What sets you apart from other designers?

I think what sets me apart is I’m not following any trends or what is ‘in’ right now and I create and design whatever feels right and inspires me. My upcoming collection will not necessarily have much cohesion because each piece will tell its own unique story. I’m also not afraid of what people think about my designs or if it will make sense to everyone now because I feel sometimes when you’re too concerned with those thoughts you don’t take risks and I want to reflect individuality in my line!

What advice would you give to an up-and-coming designer?

My advice to an up and coming designer would be to never, ever give up on your dreams because its all we have, to be bold, and never be afraid to take chances.  Explore your creativity and be different because that is what will set you apart from others and attract your supporters.

What was your inspiration for Monica Brown’s dress for 2Chaiz wedding?

Monica’s stylist Misa Hylton contacted me with an inspiration picture from a vintage Saint Laurent piece from years ago and I incorporated my love for kimonos on the design and the whole look came together. The vision for Monica was to create a super chic and bold look with a feminine touch. The fabric was a gold velvet knit that I lined with a rich champagne colored silk charmeuse. I usually always drape my designs on the mannequin first so that I get the best idea of how it will look on the body.

With Monica’s dress, I draped it several times before I found a style that I loved and would work with the fabric.  I wanted the bow in the front to stand out so I constructed it with a wire to make it movable.  Initially I was concerned of the weight of the fabric because it is a velvet stretch knit which tends to drape bulky but I’m really happy about how the final design came together.  The dress also has a fully constructed boned corset with a traditional Japanese kimono sleeve. I’m so thankful that Monica loved the dress and for all the positive feedback I’ve received from the fashion media and Monica’s many fans.

Delores loves her business and she is building her empire one day at a time. We love her designs and feel that she is going to be very successful in her future endeavors.


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