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Jordan Lawson is a masterful artist, who resides in Baltimore, Maryland, and is known for his popular digital artist. His work speaks for itself and exemplifies excellence! Known by his alias JLaw, he is giving us an insight on what he has been up to since his last interview!


Let’s chat!


Can you tell me what major pieces you have created since we last spoke?

Wow, a lot has progressed since the last time we spoke. I’ve created a lot. But I would say my major pieces I have created since then are:

“Everybody Eats, B”

“Ripken Gang”

“Sweet Desire We Taste”

They were three pieces that had deep meaning to them and I totally indulged my research and concepts into the ideology of the artwork.


Have you had any events for your art lately?

Yeah! In late 2016, I actually started an art collective along with two others, Creatively Mindful LLC, that hosts different art shows throughout the Baltimore area. Actually, shout out to my business partners, Rodney Bulls (@RodSzn) and Darius Melton (@EchelonMarketingSociety). They are just as important to Creatively Mindful! But, after being apart of many shows in 2016, I figured it was a great idea to create the platform for others. In addition, I had my first solo art showcase in October 2017. I definitely learned a lot from that experience, good and bad. It’s something you can’t teach. I had to experience it for myself.


What are your goals going forward?

Going forward, I am looking to expand Creatively Mindful to up and down the east coast. We definitely want to expand to D.C. and Philly. The sky is the limit for this, and I am excited to see what comes from it.

Personally with my artwork, I am looking to create more “fine art”; Art that is known as a collectible to be hung in homes for years to come.


What do you attribute to the success of your art?

It honestly comes from consistency and dedication. Constantly living in your own space is key. I always try to surround myself with motivation; whether it’s from social media to the people I surround myself with.




What is the most rewarding aspect of creating your art?

Just knowing that my ideology reaches the audience. It’s a goal of mine to have the viewer share the same thoughts I had creating my art. When that happens, it’s a success.


Who do you consider your top competitor, and why?

I really don’t consider myself to have any competitors. If I’m worried about the next man (or woman) I’m not giving my work the 110% attention that it needs. The art world is so subjective and large, that literally everyone eats. It’s all about how you market yourself.


There are a million talented artists in this world, but how you showcase your work determines how far your work goes.


Tell us about your biggest accomplishments with your business thus far?

I would say my biggest accomplishment so far would be establishing an art collective simply because providing a platform for other artists is so crucial in today’s world. Through social media and the abundance of information bombarded on people, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of artistry. But, to provide another avenue for someone to make a way for their work, I can’t ask for anything more than that.


Tell me about a time when you couldn’t be creative? How did you deal with that?

Not having the creative spark happens more often than you think. Just last October; I had so much going on with my solo show, a Creatively Mindful show, which I lost the desire to create for myself. It was tough, but I usually gain inspiration by visiting various art museums. In Philly, they have this thing called First Fridays, where all of the galleries in the Old City Art District open their doors to the public and showcase their new work. Needless to say, I was there quick, fast and in a hurry to fuel my creative juices after a draining month.


Instagram: @ArtByJLaw

Twitter: @ArtByJLaw




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