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I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle Denman at the Paul Hotel NYC on April 28th, 2018 for FDC young designer awards. With a background in political science, this young designer had an amazing display of what seemed to be wearable art. The garment that he design was beautiful and breath taking. With his famous tagline “Political Scientist with a passion for fashion,” this former Project Runway star is the designer to watch! 

Given  the challenge of making his gown tailored to the era of the 1920’s, Denman wanted to make something that was modern, red carpet ready, and most importantly out of the box and cutting edge, he worked diligently to produce a garment that was not only adhering to the guidelines, but also looked impeccable! He thought mainly of what was happening during that time period (The Great Gatsby, Prohibition and The Great Depression) when he created his avant garde masterpiece.


Taking his inspiration from both stories and concepts, his last collection was inspired from the life cycle of the orchid in relation to the life cycle of humanity.

“People think that when we are born as humans that it is our purest moment, and as we grow up we lose that purity, but why can’t we see purity in our lived experiences? The orchid starts off as a pale pink and then grows to be a pure white, so in essence it is a living paradox just like people are.”Kyle said.

Kyle decided that he wanted to start designing when he was still in politics. He was conducting research on people affected by Alzheimer and Dementia, he started to teach them art classes in order to see effects of the disease on their interpersonal relationships, he then realized that art had the most beautiful ability to transcend and transform a person’s life, he then asked himself the question, what is one type of art exists in every person’s life – fashion! After his realization he packed a backpack and flew to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of designing.

Denman designs conceptual art garments, and does a lot of research for every design. Ultimately what sets his designs apart from everyone else is that he tells a deep story with every stitch in each of his garments. His ideal model to dress is any woman who is confident to be herself and confident in her own skin.

He is currently located in Los Angeles and teaches fashion with a nonprofit Freedom and Fashion, he teaches fashion to women that are survivors of homelessness, abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking. Every year they do a fashion show, which Denman could not disclose the details about the fashions until their unveiling, but he did tell us that they are using lives to tell a meaningful story behind their garments. He was also recently accepted into the advanced fashion design program at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise – they only accept 10 students total, and he will be designing and presenting a collection with them.




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