DC Fashion Week: Maison Chazelle



As I entered DC Fashion week, I was very excited for the shows, the runway was adorned with flowers,columns and fiery/vibrant colors. I was very happy to be in the venue and very ready to see some amazing fashions. The house was packed – DC’s finest socialites were in attendance, and everyone in the audience looked fabulous!


The show started with Ean Williams, DC Fashion Week’s Founder and CEO, being ushered in by models. His high energy and stage presence got the crowd completely hyped, along with the song Welcome To DC , a song completely repping the Nation’s Capitol, was playing at the beginning of the showcase. As Mr. Williams welcomed everyone, I couldn’t help but smile at his friendly demeanor. After he thanked everyone for coming, the show began!


One of my favorites in the showcased was Maison Chazelle. Translated, the name means Maison (House) Chaz (The designer’s name) Elle (Her). The collection was tee-shirts, with a fashionable twist! The bows added a nice touch to the shirts- they transformed from basic tees to works of art! This collection was inspired by making a difference.




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