Chanel’s 2018 Cruise Collection Was Set In Ancient Greece


Last week, Karl Lagerfeld unveiled Chanel’s 2018 Cruise Collection, and much to our surprise it brought us back to a time of ancient greek mythology, gods and warriors – it was set to an ancient Greece theme, which captivated everyone! The Temple of Poseidon was recreated in a known favorite of Chanel’s, Galerie Courbe of Paris’ Grand Palais – the exact same venue that has been transformed into a space station and an ice glacier wonderland for their pervious shows!


The collection titled ‘La Modernité de l’Antiquité,’ channeled it’s inner Grecian goddess- with high-heeled gladiator sandals and flowing dresses.


The inspiration for the collection derives from Coco Chanel’s costumes for the 1922 stage play ‘Antigone.’ Lagerfeld’s goal was to make sure that the past was not forgotten,  “I see Greece as the origin of beauty and culture, where there was a wonderful freedom of movement that has since vanished,” Lagerfeld said. The deeper meaning of the inspiration of this collection steams from how the world has become so complicated, ““I’m suggesting going back to move forward,” said Lagerfeld. “To create the future, you have to pay attention to the past.”



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