Brooklyn’s Newest Food Craze! A Mufgel


I know what you’re asking yourself “What is a Mufgel and where can I get one?!” Although, the name might sound odd, the idea for this delicious delicacy represents New York City in one food. The Mufgel looks like a muffin, but taste like a bagel. If you weren’t up-to-date on New York culture, they have AMAZING bagels! Scot Rossillo, the owner of The Bagel store in Brooklyn invented this delectable snack, the idea came about when a radio advertisement was making fun of weird food crazes and they mentioned combining a muffin and a bagel, so Rossillo made it reality!


The concoction made its debut at the end of July, teasers were put on The Bagal Store‘s social media, thus far adventurous eaters have tried carrot cake, chocolate chip crumb, and Fruity Pebbles flavored Mufgels. The most interesting aspect of this new invention is that you can fill it with all sorts of yummy things, from funfetti cream cheese to cannoli cream! However, if you’re trying to get your hands on this unique breakfast item, it is not available on the regular menu, in order to purchase one you must ask for it at the counter.


If you want to try a Mufgel, than you’ll have to trek all the way to hipsterville; Williamsburg!


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