Best Summer Hair Tips And Tricks

By: Kira Kolosova

Did you know summertime can be just as hard on your hair as it is on your skin?! We all know that we need to make sure we care for our skin from protecting it with sun cream to moisturizing in the evening. In the same way, we should all be taking care of our hair. Here you’ll find top tips from how to use tea tree oil for hair care to how to wash and dry your hair in the summer

How to care for your hair this summer

Before styling your hair, you need to make sure your beauty routine includes the best hair care tips and tricks.

Using tea tree oil for hair care has many benefits.

These include:

Moisturizing your scalp to stop an excess oil build-up.

Soothing dry, itchy skin.

Treating dandruff and other conditions.

Stop over washing.

There are two steps to avoid your scalp over producing natural oils:

Your hair only needs washing every few days, and over washing can make your hair greasier. Washing every two to three days.

Use oils like tea tree oil as a conditioner in between washes.

De-frizz and detangle your hair with coconut oil. We’ve all been there, battling the frizz caused by our hair drying out in the summer. Simply rub coconut oil into the ends of your hair for a natural way to de-frizz and detangle your hair.

Avoid heat styling. The summer months do enough to dry your hair out without the added heat from blow drying or using curling tongs and straighteners. Dry to allow your hair to dry naturally and stick to quick and easy styles that do not require too much heat.

Add a touch of sun cream to your hair or use SPF conditioner. UV isn’t just hard on your skin, it can cause faded, sun damaged hair to. After using sun cream on your skin, run your hands through your hair use an SPF conditioner.

Wet your hair before swimming. Whilst swimming can ward off the summer heat, chlorine can damage your hair. Wetting it first will help to protect your hair.

Drink more water. You don’t just get thirsty in the heat; your hair gets dry and dehydrated too. Drinking water will help your hair stay hydrated all summer long

The best styles for summer

Once you know how best to care for your hair, there are a few tricks for quick and easy styling which you’ll find below:

Protect your scalp and hair with a hat or scarf. The best thing about using accessories like these is that your hair needs minimal styling. Simply use loose braids below the brim or braid it over-night to give your perfect summer waves.

Consider getting a trim (or even a restyle!) Cutting your hair is a great way to keep it healthy and looking its best. You can also go for a complete restyle and try something new for summer. A cute layered bob or pixie cut could be a great way to keep cool and need to style less for summer.

Loose curls and braids are best. If you want to avoid damaging your hair by pulling and tearing it, opt for loose styles such as curls or braids instead of tight styles.

With an easy guide to using tea tree oil for hair care and other tips for keeping a good hair care routine; you can be sure to keep your hair looking and feeling its best this summer.

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