Barbie Is Getting Her Own CFDA Award!

Imagine the doll that you once held when you were a child will be recieving her own CFDA award. The style icon and popular doll has worked with 75 designers and influencers over the years and has held 200 occupations! The doll has undergone several makeover overs the past years – including, different body types and hair textures to further the diversity of the doll.

On June 3rd, Barbie will be recieving the  Board of Directors’ Tribute Award, she will join the ranks of First Lady Michelle Obama, Tom Ford, Gloria Steinem, Janelle Monáe, Cecile Richards and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

“Barbie has had such wide influence on American fashion and culture,” said Steven Kolb, president and chief executive officer of the CFDA. “Her story personally resonates with so many CFDA members that the board of directors decided to honor her with the special tribute.”

The CFDA awards will be taking place in the Brooklyn Museum! Are you excited that Barbie will be getting this award?!

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